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Friday, December 3, 2010



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'Doctor Ex-Gay' Joe Nicolosi, NARTHoleptic

You take it. Over my head.

Listeners were bombarded with pseudoscience mumbo jumbo about why people end up with same-sex attractions in the first place. They kept quoting a Dr. Joseph Nicolosi as "the world's leading authority on homosexuality" and his organization, NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, as where to find the "science" that backs them up. One might imagine a better acronym for the alleged fount of all knowledge.

Yeah, NARTH conjures images of Death Star, Darth Vader and Dick Cheney.

I know junk science when I hear it. My fear is that vulnerable kids – and their parents – might not.

I did a search of all the journals indexed by the National Library of Medicine. As of November, 2010, a total of zero, zip, nada studies turned up in the mainstream peer-reviewed scientific literature for "Nicolosi AND homosexuality" or permutations of "NARTH." Only three studies and one review popped up under any combination of those terms. They were published in what most scientists would consider a vanity journal.

What's that?

A magazine that prints almost anything for a fee.

Since Kinsey, Pomeroy and Martin published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, the National Library of Medicine has tracked 18,701 studies under its search term "homosexuality," 18,701 versus NARTH's max of four. I can't, however, vouch for each study.

But the diagnosis is clear: A tragic case of NARTHolepsy.

In the sixty years since Dr. Alfred Kinsey posited that new patterns of sexual behavior rarely emerge after the mid-teens, the American Psychiatric Association (psychiatrists), the American Psychology Association (psychologists), the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, among others, have taken the position that sexual reorientation therapies don't work. Some also say that "reparative therapies" and "transformational ministries" not only don't change orientation but are potentially dangerous.

All of those criticisms are dismissed by NARTH, Focus on the Family and Exodus International because those otherwise reputable organizations have a) been infiltrated, or b) succumbed to the homosexual agenda.


All NARTH "research" says the same thing: It's NOT genetic. It's NOT genetic. It's NOT genetic.

Every speaker made that assertion that many times. NARTH expends great energy debunking studies in actual medical journals and the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

They offer a number of explanations for why people suffer from "unwanted same-sex attractions," none of which involve genetics. A major cause is supposedly childhood sexual abuse, the "abuse excuse." To their credit, I didn't hear any speaker specifically accuse homosexuals of being child molesters.

That's a change.

Things they single out as being the "roots of homosexuality" are mundane, if unfortunate occurrences. Things that happens in every child's life.

Only in our case, it made us gay.

For instance, that time your father got super mad at you when you were ten.

Pow! You're a poofter.

All those times your dad never called you Princess.

Bam! You're a lesbian. But, it's NOT genetic. It's NOT genetic. It's NOT genetic. You can change!

Or at least keep your knickers on.

We call our cat Princess all the time. Her name's Lilly. She doesn't know that. Maybe we should have called her that more?

We shan't guilt the Lilly. One potential cause of lesbianism was said to be "clumsy" teenage boys leading girls to experiment with more experienced girls who "know how the female body works."

Mike Haley said that. That must be NARTH research.

The only mention of transexuals was their high rate in the Philippines is due to the youngest son in the family being raised as a houseboy.

Mike Haley said that. I reckon more NARTH research.

"The greatest threat today is bisexual chic. Men think that's hot. It's amazing how much it's in our society."

Mike Haley said that.

"Rather than protesting at Gay Pride, we should set up a booth to hand out water under a banner proclaiming, 'We want to apologize for the way the Christian Community has treated you in the past.'"

Mike Haley said that. Not everything the dude said was totally gay.

Do you mean, "gay" as in gay, or "gay" as in stupid?



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© Phil Comer [This piece won first place in nonfiction at the Sandhills Writers Conference.]

This "ex-gay" revival, "The Philadelphia Conference: Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would," was held Saturday, September 30, 2006, Christ Chapel at SportsTowne, 170 Starcadia Circle, Macon, Georgia. All speakers were affiliated with "Focus on the Family" and/or "Exodus International." For more information on “Ex-Gay” ministries, see "Truth Wins Out." Unless stated otherwise, photos and links outside this website are not property of the author.

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