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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I awoke at 3 a.m., a cat between my knees,

soiled pillow, matted hair beneath my head.

The night began with heady wine, dark, oaky, bold;

swirled in goblets, legs clung to the glass; yours entwined mine.

We unhinged jaws and shed skins like the snakes we have become.

Control-Alt-Delete. Blue screen of death. Windows has stopped working.

The good gone, we ended on rotgut and string cheese;

my tongue swilled the last of your dregs.

Meet halfway, one is not enough, some more than others, endless clich├ęs.

Apples, bananas, we never mixed MP3s or DVDs.

Drive home, one eye open the other shut, weaving for a DUI.

Where’d I put the keys? Where’d I park the car? How’d I get inside?

Figure all that later, in light of day, as I reboot.

Tank’s almost full, should take me far,

someone somewhere new, not you.

Even sleep evades, a distant rugged un-clambered vista.

The cat between my legs resembles none I know.

Must have crept in while you filled me to distraction,

tomorrow – maybe – I’ll give it a name.

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© Phil Comer
Disclaimer: Although loosely based on reality, characters and events are none you or I know. If you think this doesn't totally suck, please Comment, Follow and click Like. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, breaking up does suck, doesn't it? I have so much experience at it that my two cats have had names for quite some time.

  2. U got that right! I have a friend who has such a revolving door (unintentional), he refuses to have photos made with anyone he dates. Hmm... What a concept.

  3. BTW the imagery in this poem is borrowed from another. Can anyone guess?