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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Darling, what can I say? You stir me,

Your sideways glances ever affirm me,

You look away yet know how that spurs me.

We’re meant to be one! Why twitchy squirmy?

You disdain me. My hopes are "long-termy,"

My entreaties endless, still you spurn me.

You step back. Do you find my breath germy?

Come with me. My love’s not can-of-wormy!

My obsession: You, me, sticky spermy.

Whips, leather, chains, I hear you "Yes Sir!" me!


That you reject me doesn’t deter me,

Silly court papers only defer me.

We’re inevitable, not unworthy,

You are my fate until they inter me!

My head on a stake, your taxidermy,

My skin your lampshades, as if they were me,

Please, My Darling, don’t call an attorney.

Or the police.

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© Phil Comer

Disclaimer: Although loosely based on reality, characters and events are none you or I know. If you think this doesn't totally suck, please Comment, Follow and click Like. Thanks!

Text above and dialog in video are copyright material of the author. Photo by Phil Comer, model Scott Whatley.


  1. Phil, this poem is WIN!! Loved the video as well!

    Why didn't I know you had a blog until now? Put it up on the WB, baby! :)

    Hope you're well! :)

  2. Thanks, Ricki! Wasn't keeping anything from ya. It's just All Write By Me is only 48-hours-old, as we speak.

    Come back, and tell folks to visit!

  3. I was stalking myself and found this. What a great memory.
    Love SW